Our commitment for a sustainable future

For us at Burde the word ”sustainability” is more than just a trend. It is something that is with us in every step of our product, from idea to finished product. We want to be able to offer you as a customer a sustainable and good choice, therefore we are constantly looking for new innovative solutions to meet the global sustainable challenges that we are facing.


Sustainability from the start

Our calendars are made with attention to environment, humans and nature. For nearly 30 years we have produced our own calendars, which today are sold at over 3000 retailers.

A lot of our production are still in our own factory in Växjö.

We choose to deliver all of our products, both to the end customer and to our other factories, with established forwarding agents. We are constantly overseeing our packaging solutions to optimize them.

Forests for all forever

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council and is an independent, international organization that works for an environmentally friendly and sustainable use of the worlds forests.

Sustainable forestry means that the forest used is cultivated and harvested in accordance with the FSC´s guidelines, which promote both the environment and the local community.

When you see the FSC logo on our calendars you can be sure that it is a sustainable product!

Burde Publishing is FSC®-certified since 2011.

The Swedish Environmental Base

We have an environmental diploma through the swedish environmental base, an independent organization that guides us in our work towards a sustainable development and decreased environmental impact.

A matter of course for us is to have full control of all constituent components in our products, such as plastic, metal etc. This is regulated according to EU directives and regulations.

On some of our calendars the paper and printing is climate compensated through ClimatePartner. We compensate the carbon dioxide emissions from production by contributing to different environmental projects all over the world. For more info please see www.climatepartner.com.

Social responsibility

All of our suppliers must sign a Code of Conduct. This means that all our suppliers must follow all national and international laws, and also to comply to follow some specific rules when producing our products such as minimum wage and labor law.



Since 2012 we are members of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). It is an organisation that makes independent factory checks to ensure that the working conditions in our suppliers factories are up to standards.

Our main suppliers are all members and certified according to BSCI, and therefore complies to their and our demands on an approved production facility where the employees are treated well.

For us it is an obvious part of our job to perform regular visits at our suppliers and their factories all over the world. We constantly strive to work and grow together with our suppliers.

Community involvement

For us at Burde it is important to give back to the community, which is why we have been working together with other actors for a positive development in society for many years. For over 30 years, we have worked together with Samhall. We need to work together towards a sustainable future.

We also have a big local involvement where we support the local association life, organizations that work with the integration of young people, and organizations that work with young people with mental health issues.


Our own staff

At Burde we prioritize our employees health and welfare. If the employees thrive, the entire company thrives. Since many years we have an established relationship with the occupational health care. We encourage and promote exercise and workout in different ways.

We are a multi cultural workplace with employees from several different countries. Our staff is very loyal and the majority has worked for us for many years.


Sustainability, all the way

Environmental policy

Choice of suppliers, material and manufacturing processess shall be performed with the least possible environmental impact. We shall continuously work towards improving our environmental work. Environmental laws, regulations and other demands shall be met.

We have supplier agreements and code of conducts with all our suppliers where our environmental demands are clearly depicted.

Only one earth

Goals 2022
We have as a goal to decrease the degree of obsolence against manufactured volume to 10%, i.e the proportion of unsold and returned calendars in relation to what was produced. From 2022 at the latest, all company cars will be powered by fossil-free fuels, or plug-in hybrids.

The amount of plastic in our products must be continuously replaced with alternative materials or removed. The goal is to reduce the number of plastic pockets in our calendars by 1 000 000 (15 tonnes) by 2022.