About Burde

Burde Publishing AB is an innovative company with its own design department, product development and production. We were founded in 1991 and are today the market leader in calendars in the Nordic countries.

Over the years we have grown and broadened our range with designed lifestyle products, office supplies and with the ergonomic concept JobOut.


The rebel who came to rule the industry

When we created Burde almost 30 years ago, we were seemingly like any other calendar and diary company. But there was something that wasn’t quite right. Nowhere could we find calendars and diaries that reflected the personalities, dreams and goals of our family and friends.
Everything was brown or black and boringly the same. But dreams do not only come in brown or black. So we took things into our own hands and designed a diary like the world had never seen before. It was pink.

Nothing has been the same since. In the forests of Småland, where we at Burde have our roots, we are used to taking new paths. Behind our backs, the bigwigs sneered but we stood our ground. We have learned the value of raising our sights and never ever doing things like everyone else just for the sake of it. And we have been rewarded for our pains; we are today Scandinavia’s largest calendar and diary supplier.

At Burde, the design team is the hub of our success. With their finger on the pulse, they are inspired by trends, ideas and impressions which they then take back to the drawing board. Just like when we produced our first pink diary, each and every product in our range is designed with love. The result is a unique and astonishingly wide range that no one else can offer. The pride we have in our products means that we are very choosy about the final result. Nothing is left to chance. We know that our calendars and diaries are a part of our customers’ lifestyles and daily lives, and so our products must be just perfect.

But we don’t just sell calendars and diaries. We help families with children to succeed in the puzzle of life, the career woman to reach her goals, the artist to find time to create and everyone who wants to live life at their own pace. We refuse to stop challenging ourselves and want to continue amazing the world around us. Even though we are the largest company in the industry, we are still the rebels from Småland. The rebels with the pink diary.

Made in Sweden

We love planning and design

At Burde headquarters we have a team of graphic designers, product developers and a lot of our own in-house production

Sustainability, all the way


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