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Do you want more time to achieve you dreams and goals? Time is the only thing we cannot get more of. Our products are designed to help you prioritize, plan and organize your time, so that you can focus on the things that really matters to you.


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We love planning and design

At Burde headquarters we have a team of graphic designers, product developers and a lot of our own in-house production

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The Hydrangea Pink academic diary is one of our planners that are available on Amazon 🌸. It's an A5 planner that contains weekly spreads from the 2nd August 2021 to the 28th August 2022.

Perfect both for journaling and keeping track of your life! 🙌

Vi söker nu en Grafisk Designer till vårt team i Växjö! 🌸 Det är ett vikariat som kommer innebära många roliga uppgifter, spännande utmaningar och plats för mycket kreativitet. Om du tror att det är något för dig, läs mer om rollen på vår LinkedIn! 🙌 ...

How do you like to decorate your planner? 😊🌸 We believe that a planner that feels personal, that feels like you, is much more fun to use! 🙌 ...

Are you ready for the start of the autumn term? 😊

If not, why not get started by finding a perfect academic planner?! 📚

When looking back doesn't interest you anymore, you are doing something right 🌸.

You can find this qoute in our undated planner "This is my year". 🙌

What does your morning routine look like? The perfect way to start a new day, and a new week of course, is to sit down, take a few deep breaths, sip your tea or coffee, and start writing things down in your planner. 🌸📚 Do you dedicate a part of your morning to planning and organizing? ...

Sustainablity, all the way


With a Life Planner you´ll receive a tool that can increase your productivity and help you become the best version of yourself. It is the small changes in your everyday life that makes the difference on your road to success.


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